Why go through the work?

On a good day I have many health challenges. Some have asked me: “Why do you go through so much trouble to make your food homemade?”

This is a good question considering that now-a-days there is much more awareness of the gluten free lifestyle. The only issue is that many of the things you can purchase pre-made are made with grain flours like rice flour, or potato starch – I cannot have that either.

Then there is sugar! It always amazes me that a company would go through the effort of making a gluten free product and then put regular chemically processed sugar in it. I really don’t understand that one.

Anyway, when I make things at home, it allows me to control the ingredients. It is worth the effort to eat something that tastes amazingly delicious and also have the confidence that I will not suffer for it.

What really helps to make cooking gluten free (and sugar free) do-able and enjoyable is learning different techniques of great cooks and having the right tools. I find that techniques and tools can be learned by watching conventional cooking shows and then just apply them to your favorite recipes. Another good reference is the additional information provided in most gluten free cook books – especially when it comes to baking.

Also, the more you do it – the easier it gets. And then there is the money you save. I guess I could go on and on…

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