Make Baking Easy

One of my best baking tools:
Parchment Paper

It is a must have for any kind of baking
especially gluten free. 

I line baking sheets with it and it 
FREE!-ly releases my carefully made baked goods with ease.

CAUTION: Use good quality parchment paper. 

I once found a great deal on it at a dollar store. When I went to remove my carefully homemade gluten free pizza from the pan...the paper stuck to the back and made the pizza inedible.  

The lesson? 

Don’t skimp on it. The best brands so far that I’ve used are Reynolds – both regular parchment paper and parchment on one side/ foil on the other (this is good for holding shape) and Sam’s Club’s Member’s Mark parchment paper. 

With these you don’t need to grease or flour the paper, simply put your baking creations on it and bake away.

Another advantage: it makes rolling out pie crust and pizza dough so easy and stress free. It’s a worthwhile addition to any kitchen and I would be very reluctant to bake without it.

*Just a little FYI: Parchment Paper - NOT - Wax Paper 

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