Healing Gluten Damage Part 2

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As discussed in part 1, if you have suffered from a gluten allergy, your digestive system needs to be brought back to optimal health. The damage done to the intestines is very intense. Simply removing the allergy will not provide the relief you need, nor will it allow you to feel healthy again. Part 1 explained that bone broth is a great way to heal the intestinal lining. Repairing the bacterial flora in the gut is essential.

With all of the damage inflammation has done to your gut, the bacterial flora is off balance. Unfortunately it doesn’t take much to allow the bad bacteria to take over. The great news is that it is relatively easy to bring it back in balance! Taking a good probiotic of 10-50 billion live cultures per capsule is the way to get it done. This will also assist in healing the intestinal lining.

Aside from taking a probiotic capsule everyday, you can also include fermented vegetables in your daily diet. Organic sauerkraut or kimchi is a tasty and great way to get even more good bacteria into your gut. Be sure to get really good quality, organic versions though, not the ones you typically find in your average grocery store. Recipes for the homemade versions will be coming soon. Look out for more great ways to get back to feeling good again.

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