Healing Gluten Damage Part 1

So you’ve gone gluten free and you feel much better. That’s great! But did you know that the allergy to gluten became apparent to you because of the damage it was doing to your gut? Unfortunately it can’t be healed just by going gluten free.

However, there are therapies that can bring your gut back to optimal health. One easy therapy is taking bone broth. Taking it several times a day on an empty stomach will repair the lining of the gut. It will make it strong and close up any perforations created by the gluten protein. 

Once your gut is healed, one cup of bone broth a day will keep you in good shape. You will be able to absorb nutrients and prevent the inflammatory response.

How to get it:

I always recommend making things yourself and this broth is no exception. The one thing you want to make sure of is to use organic chicken or beef bones. You can buy it ready made online, however, it is costly and is sold in small amounts. Bone broths offered in supermarkets usually contain harmful ingredients.  Click here for the super easy bone broth recipe. 

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