Apple Kuzu:

This is a warm drink prepared with a very good quality juice and the plant root Kuzu starch. Kuzu is similar to cornstarch in that it thickens liquid when cooked. It is unique because of its high nutritional composition. These nutrients relax the body and the mind. It is very effective for relaxing the muscles after they’ve been strained by overuse or illness.

 Most common way to take therapeutically is to... 

  • Mix 1 cup of cold apple juice with 1 teaspoon of Kuzu starch
  • Stir until the starch is dissolved.
  • Warm in a pot with medium heat on the stove while stirring for about 10-15.

 Do not allow the mixture to boil. You will know when it is ready to come off of the stove because the liquid will lose the opaque whiteness and will take on a beautiful shininess.

 Muscle Melt: 

An alternative way to have kuzu is to swap out the apple juice for cherry juice. Be sure to use good quality – it shouldn’t be very sweet. Following the same directions as above and get the best sleep ever.  

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