Corn Pasta


Corn pasta is a wonderful alternative to regular wheat pasta. It tastes very similar, if not better. For years, the only choice for those who wanted pasta but couldn’t have the regular thing, was to have brown rice pasta or some other grain pasta. Let’s face it, they just don’t cut it. Not only is the taste very different, but the texture isn’t the same and cooking it can be tricky. Not so with corn pasta.  

I find it wonderful and refreshing that most everyday grocery stores (at least in my area) are now stocking it on their shelves. It is nice to see the awareness and also makes me believe that there are many opting for the Gluten Free Life!!!! 

The variety of meals that can be made with corn pasta are as bountiful as with ordinary spaghetti, penne, fusilli (rotini), elbows, fettuccini and more….  

Trader Joes in the South Jersey area offers spaghetti and penne corn pasta at a great price of under $2 per package.
Whole Foods carries the Deboles brand. The product is good quality - about the same as others. But the brand's price is higher than most. Not sure if it is worth the extra "dough" :) (get it? ).

Shoprite grocery stores has a great brand that has every shape you can think of in corn pasta – Sam Mills. These are all for under $2. Amazon has them at a reasonable price, but they sell them by the 6’s. (If you love Italian food as much as I do – that is no problem to use those up!)

If you are in the Northeast, then you have Joblot stores that carry that same brand for the lowest price I have ever seen.
Tips to successful Corn Pasta

-          Bring water to a boil before putting pasta in pot

-          Use plenty of salt to flavor the water – this brings out the flavor of the pasta nicely

-          IMMEDIATELY after putting the pasta in the boiling water – STIR and stir frequently (more often than with wheat pasta) to prevent sticking

-          To reheat corn pasta sprinkle some water on top for oven warming or for stove top warming cover the bottom of a pot with water and add the leftover pasta then warm.


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