Why I Went Gluten Free

My sister in law was on a “health program” and said that she felt so much better while doing the program despite the fact that it is restrictive and very involved. It was worth the effort. 

Well my health had been on a decline in recent years. I have never really been a “healthy” person – not even as a child. But things were getting bad. I was diagnosed with Lupus a few years ago, which has also lead to Multiple Sclerosis. This was in addition to a pre-existing blood disorder – Thalassemia. Asthma is also something I have had since a teenager.  

My husband and I decided it was time to give the “health program” a try. I made the 4 hour journey to Connecticut in July of 2011 to see a Holistic Health Practitioner(HHP). It has proven to be in the top 10 of best decisions I have ever made!
The practitioner could just look at me to see what a bad state I was in. We had a conversation and then she outlined a program specific for my needs. First and foremost was to stop eating and drinking grains and grain products. Although not all grains have gluten, she explained to me how gluten intolerance can lead to auto immune disorders if not cared for properly.  This explains why I have Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, & Asthma.

Our HHP explained in detail where gluten can be found (which is quite extensive) and to say far away from it. Of all of the things that she has me doing for my health, I feel this is the most important.

One week into doing the program, we went on our annual family vacation. This year (out of all of them) we decided to have a beer tasting. There are plenty of us – we go with my whole side of the family! I couldn’t resist trying some even though most beer is full of gluten. I definitely didn’t have an appreciation for the effects of gluten. What a change I experienced from the week before. My attitude went down the toilet. I found myself feeling very negative, having bad dreams, and an ongoing pain in my head in addition to my usual aches and stiffness.

That experience helped me to see just how bad gluten is for me and that the foods that contain it are not worth eating for the results that I get. Now I am gluten free for over a year and much better for it!

Next time, maybe I will tell you why my son started on the GFree way before I did…

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